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Jeevan Tarun

LIC's JEEVAN TARUN is a participating non-linked limited premium payment plan which offers an attractive combination of protection and saving features for children. This plan is specially designed to meet the educational and other needs of growing children through annual Survival Benefit payments from ages 20 to 24 years and Maturity Benefit at the age of 25 years. It is a flexible plan wherein at proposal stage the proposer can choose the proportion of Survival Benefits to be availed during the term of the policy as per the following four options:

1. Benefits:

Death benefit

On death during the policy term (before commencement of risk): In case of death of the Life Assured, return of premium/s paid excluding taxes, extra premium and rider premium, if any, without interest shall be payable.

On death during the policy term (after commencement of risk): In case of death during the policy term provided all due premiums have been paid Death Benefit, defined as sum of “Sum Assured on Death” and vested Simple Reversionary Bonuses and Final Additional Bonus, if any, shall be payable. Where “Sum Assured on Death” is defined as Higher of 10 times of annualized premium or Absolute amount Assured to be paid on Death i.e. 125% Sum Assured.

Survival Benefit

A fixed percentage of Sum Assured shall be payable on each policy anniversary coinciding with or immediately following the completion of 20 years of age and thereafter on each of next four policy anniversaries. These fixed percentages shall depend on the Option chosen at the proposal stage and for various Options the percentages

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